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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

One strike for priests

I know of a man who is serving a life sentence in California (a "three-strikes" state) because he stole a pickup with two mountain bikes on board. One count for each item of property equals three strikes.

On my moral scale, this set of offenses isn't even in the same league with a single act of sexual abuse of a child by any adult, including a priest. One strike and you're out of the priesthood is the only humane solution, in my opinion.

An ex-priest can always get another job. But a child's life can never be the same after he or she experiences sexual abuse.



Fleenor for the people

A new broom sweeps clean, and what we need in Lane County is a clean sweep of the Lane County Board of Commissioners.

One of the current candidates for that office in the west Lane district, William Fleenor, would have swept the Eugene Sand & Gravel issue away with a decisive move rather than the very muddled and indecisive move that was made by incumbent Anna Morrison. He would represent "we, the people" as well as the corporate and business interests of Lane County. He would make fair and objective decisions where land zoning and appropriate land use issues are concerned.

The Register-Guard editorially endorsed Anna Morrison on April 25. The Register-Guard is a large business, as is Eugene Sand & Gravel Co. Morrison and The Register-Guard supported Eugene Sand & Gravel in its desire to obtain a new gravel site. Their interests were corporate-oriented.

Do you want a Lane County commissioner supposedly representing you whose true primary concern is the welfare of corporations, or do you want a person who will look out for the welfare of all Lane County citizens?

Please think carefully about the track record of the individual you will vote for. When you do, I hope that you will decide that William Fleenor is the candidate who will do us all the most good.



Colonizing the West Bank

Chris Reed's April 26 letter comparing Israel's invasion of the West Bank to root out Palestinian terrorists with the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to destroy al-Qaeda neglects one important difference. We are not populating Afghanistan with American colonists, hoping to make it our 51st state. This does not seem to be the case with Israel.

After seizing the West Bank and Gaza In the 1967 War, Israel began constructing illegal Jewish settlements in these newly captured territories. The purpose was to create "facts on the ground" that would eventually lead to their incorporation into Israel proper, thus fulfilling the old Zionists' dream of reclaiming all their Biblical lands. Moreover, in order to preserve the Jewish character of this "Greater Israel," the 2 million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza would have to be forcibly transferred elsewhere.

One of the cornerstones of the Oslo Peace Accords was supposed to be Israel's renunciation of this dream and recognition of the Palestinians' right to a state in Gaza and the West Bank. The Israelis, however, have continued building their settlements, even during the "peace process" which followed Oslo. Consequently, the Palestinians have come to believe that, far from wanting peace, the Israelis secretly intend to carry out their original plan. This is what motivates the current wave of suicide bombings.

Apologists for Israel insist that the Palestinians are wrong, that Israel really wants peace. Perhaps so. still, I couldn't help but notice a news item in the April 25 Register-Guard titled "New Bank West settlements started."



Catholics demand action

The child molesting or pedophile priest is an abomination and should be held accountable immediately by the church as well as by civil authorities.

The anti-celibacy and women priest advocates are begging the question. Any person, priest or minister should be held accountable immediately for any acts of homosexuality or pedophilia.

The Catholic Church will not be destroyed by this molestation scandal, but will be inspired to handle the problem quickly and with justice. Lay Catholics are demanding swift and tough action. No more victims.




Letters received in past week: 197

Letters published: 67

What's on readers' minds: The May primary election dominated Mailbag flow during the past week. We received 22 letters in support of candidates and measures; 10 on Palestinian-Israeli violence in the Middle East, eight on abuse of children by priests in the Catholic Church and six each on promotion of the "The Vagina Monologues" at the Hult Center, Don P. Richey's April 29 letter defending the Boy Scouts' ban on homosexual adult Scout leaders and the West Eugene Parkway.

- The Register-Guard


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