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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Crisis calls for pay cuts

I read and hear in the news media of the bankruptcy of the Oregon government. I also hear of the enormous salaries paid to the president of the University of Oregon and to its athletic coaches.

Is the temptation of greed so appealing to these state employees that they do not have the courage to take a cut in pay?


Fall Creek

Step out of closet of denial

It is always interesting to read letters from those who attempt to sort out and define the Christian gospel in terms of sheer human logic and reason. Since the God of the Bible has chosen to limit himself to the law of faith, this approach will always leave us hanging out around the fringes of the very reality we seek. "The wisdom of this world is foolishness before God." (I Cor. 3:19).

Mixing together the many other gods in one cauldron in order to come up with a definitive picture of the one true God is an exercise in futility. I know, because I pursued that course for one third of my life, and it was only when I laid down my pompous attitude and arrogant defenses - opening my heart unconditionally to the truth - that I found peace. At that point, I recognized the error in my earlier view of Christianity as a myth or a club and Christians as pious hypocrites.

We stay in the closet of denial at our own peril. Matthew 7:13 and 14 points us to the way out.



Sony should donate facility

Let's see. Sony was given land by Springfield on which to build its CD production facility. Sony was given huge tax breaks by the city in exchange for providing good paying jobs. Sony was provided with infrastructure by Springfield that allowed Sony to sell off additional free land at a huge profit. Sony closed its facility after eight years when their tax breaks ran out. Now, the facility will sit empty until a buyer is found.

Springfield's mayor has stated he has no interest in approaching Sony to recoup city losses. As a former Sony employee, I have a suggestion that might create a win/win situation. Since the city paid for the facility, why not ask Sony to donate the building and the land it sits on for use as a city sports complex? Think about it.

Sony could use the donation as a tax write-off now; it could take forever to find a buyer. The city has long wanted a sports complex.

The facility already has parking, bathrooms, water fountains, telephone and computer lines, a cafeteria, a kitchen, a locker room, a multi-media room, an outdoor basketball court, a wellness center with workout equipment, an aerobics room, security cameras, vast spaces inside that could be used for both volleyball and basketball courts, and enough land to have an outdoor soccer field.

This would go a long way toward getting the bad taste out of our mouths about the way Sony has dealt with Springfield and Oregon. As it stands now, Sony has become, and remains, just another four-letter word.


Junction City

Throw the bums out

It's recently been reported that 65 percent of Oregon corporations paid the minimum income tax of $10 last year. The governor proposed raising the minimum to $200, a step toward fairness. Yet, the legislators in Salem are once again touting a sales tax, a most regressive form of taxation.

As someone once said, "When the rich pay the poor to die for them, then the poor will have money." Until then, the poor pay the price for being allowed to live.

It's really time to vote the bums out, state and federal.


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Date:Jul 4, 2003
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