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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Add King to county board

Al King would make an excellent county commissioner. He has experience as a state representative, has served on the local school board and also has good business experience. While in Salem he saved the state tens of millions of dollars through his knowledge of financial matters. He worked hard and was respected by members of both political parties.

He is still working hard for Oregonians, having been elected to the Springfield School Board and, on a recent trip to China, King worked toward opening new opportunities for Oregon businesses.

His expertise in business and finance is just what the Lane County Board of Commissioners needs in these tight budget times. Combine this with his work ethic and his ability to work well with a diverse group, and it means that Al King is an excellent choice to fill the vacated county commissioner seat.



Shellfish agency unnecessary

Senate Bill 597, sponsored by state Sen. Joan Dukes, D-Astoria, would apply a $5 fee for recreational shellfish harvesting. It appears that the money will be used to form another state agency that eventually will be underfunded - and then the fees will escalate, as they always do, because the agency is necessary for public safety. Hogwash!

It hasn't been necessary in the past, it's not necessary now, and it won't be necessary in the future. Where are the reports of consumers who have been harmed by shellfish and who need protection? What are the mysterious "other related services" that are referred to in the legislation? Could these be the bureaucracy that's necessary to collect and funnel the fees where officials see fit?

When is the state government going to learn to operate within a budget without continuing to gouge the public? I wish I could simply go to my employer and demand a raise because I overspent and had to fund "other related services." It's a good thing picking earthworms is done under the cover of darkness, or the state might charge for that.

SB 597, a guise for protecting the public, is a ruse to collect more money for the bureaucracy to squander. I suggest that Dukes rethink this bill and try to remember who she is working for.



Courts should set example

I appreciated the Aug. 3 editorial supporting advocates' demands that the federal courthouse architects provide reasonable access beyond minimal requirements. The courts should be leading by example, reflecting the spirit of the law and demonstrating what is possible, reserving what's required for deadbeats who have to be sued into the 21st century. Shame on all involved who became defensive rather than collaborative when their nearsightedness was observed.

However, as a pediatrician in child development and rehabilitation, a father and a commuting bicyclist, I take issue to The Register-Guard perpetuating the myth that just because Eugene has been recognized as having better-than-average facilities, that it somehow provides the "maximum." People should not delude themselves into believing that our access is either universal or easy. As this demonstrates, it too often takes vigilance to ensure that access does not deteriorate, and advocacy to see improvement.

Architecture and city planning that incorporates accessibility is usually pedestrian-friendly and can easily be bicycle- and transit-friendly. It symbolizes the mindset needed to achieve TransPlan goals and a more livable downtown. It benefits everybody. Have our city councilors, county commissioners and federal legislators sent letters on this issue? I urge Lane County citizens to make sure that they do, while adding their personal voices to the cry, so loudly that the feds can't ignore it.



Bush's lie was no 'flub'

Headline in The Register-Guard on July 31: "Bush takes blame for speech flub."

To suggest that the very successful, deliberate, rotten lie at the heart of George W. Bush's State of the Union speech was a "flub," as in "mistake," and that he finally is taking responsibility for it is another rotten lie.


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Date:Aug 9, 2003
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