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Letters: Your View: Policy doubts.

Byline: Laurence Keen

REFRESHING as it was to find B.W. Hale in even partial agreement with me, (Daily Post, August 12) his ascribing to me approval for Labour policy in the 1970s is sadly amiss (Letters, August 12).

As an ordinary worker, it was natural that I vote for the party which had most affinity with my class and situation. This does not mean I approve every policy or its outcome.

B.W. Hale asks ``who can forget British Leyland, British Steel, British shipbuilders etc?'' Who indeed? As most of these were sold off and destroyed by Baroness Thatcher, few will have the opportunity to remember or know.

As to the public utilities, allegedly ``poorly run, over-manned and uneconomic,'' what a transition.

They're now even more poorly run, subject to horrific accidents due to under-manning and cutting corners in safety; uneconomic but paying outrageous salaries and bonuses to fat-cat directors and shareholders.

Were they militant trade unions or just people wanting a reasonable standard of life? No more than today's fat cats creaming off the profits.

I agree with Mr Hale as toneeding a ``latter-day Oliver Cromwell''. Hopefully, he would again start with royalist parasites, go on to shifty politicians, useless clergy, bureaucrats, advocates of political correctness, quangos, and all the other sinecures of upper and middle class mediocrity.

Laurence Keen, Helsby, Cheshire
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 22, 2002
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