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Letters: Tote's Jackpot move a mistake; John Mountney believes the decision to increase the unit stake is an error.


DO the Tote think they own racing? Once again they show incompetence by tinkering with the Jackpot stake unit. The only outcome will be an exodus of small-perm punters.

It seems that the Nanny wants to create a new class system in betting by excluding the small punter in favour of the high-roller. They think they can create bigger pools by excluding the great majority of potential customers.

Shortly before Christmas, a Placepot dividend at one of the small southern tracks yielded a massive pounds 25,000 plus to a pounds 1 stake. Included in this was my pounds 10.80 stake in 5p units

(unsuccessful, I'm sorry to say). Doesn't that say it all?

The Tote's Andy Clifton and co should carefully consider the fact that I have never placed a bet on either of their flagship pool bets, the Jackpot and the Scoop6!

Why? Because finding six winners requires a stake

comprising several hundred permutations, even allowing for extraordinary form-reading powers and more than a huge slice of luck.

However, I may be tempted to have a dabble if they would let me do the bet I want for 5p units.

There must be thousands of small punters out there saying "don't they want my tenner in their pool?"

The Tote are completely out of touch with the mentality of ordinary punters. We don't want another Lottery- sized pot based on absolute luck. God forbid I should ever stand behind someone in my local betting shop asking for a "lucky dip for the Scoop6".

Give us interesting pool bets that require elements of

inspired judgement. Add the facility for the individual to

decide his unit stake from 5p upwards and, hey presto, you have big pools, big dividends, increased turnover!

Declare the dividend to whatever you like but don't

exclude us. If you want a big pool get us all playing - there is no other way.



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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jan 17, 2003
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