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Letters: Time for racing to dictate to breeders.


Jeremy Brummitt says there is only one Triple Crown, and that it should be the one to carry the massive bonus

ONCE again Tony Morris is left as the only voice of impartial sanity: the `Grand Slam' really is a pointless exercise.

What marketing guru has lined his own pockets by producing the gobbledygook that seeks to justify it?

The Jockey Club has

always sought to maintain its position by claiming an

impartial interest in safeguarding the sport, but it has sat by over the last 30 years as the breeding tail has wagged the racing dog ever more fiercely. It must make a stand now, before vested interests secure a grip on whatever body replaces it.

Can there be a more redundant concept than a `middle-distance triple crown'?

What will this do, other than funnel money into the already bulging pockets of those

operations who place specialisation and early retirement ahead of the sporting trials on which the long history of the Turf is so securely founded?

We have the Triple Crown and the fact that so few horses have ever achieved it is the most appropriate tribute.

Do not doubt that the real reason so many have avoided the challenge in recent years is that they were not equal to it. The St Leger, and the long Doncaster straight, remains a searching test of resolution that so many of the `Fancy Dans' have found beyond them. This is the three-race

series that should carry a

massive bonus.

The next prize should be a similarly vast one for sweeping the Cup races. Those durable characters who contest these events offer the soundest platform for a recognisable marketing campaign. Next, an increase in the Group 1 events open to older horses.

If racing is to prosper it needs to win over the layman and not the purist. Encouraging the best horses to race more often is the key, but not over one short summer.

The greatest premium should be placed on horses competing at four years and in distance races.

Recent stars of Flat racing have been too transient to project to any other than confirmed racing fans. The time has come for racing to set the rules that breeders must play by.


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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Apr 8, 2003
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