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Letters: Phar Lap leaves US star in his wake; Mike Laughton was underwhelmed by the cinematic offering.

Byline: Mike Laughton

I WONDER if other Racing Post readers were as disappointed with the film of Seabiscuit as I was.

I was really looking forward to

seeing another racing movie, as they are so few and far between.

But Seabiscuit was no Phar Lap. It was not even as good as Champions, and that had the disadvantage of the ridiculous casting of John Hurt as Bob Champion and Edward Woodward as Josh Gifford.

After I had seen Seabiscuit I still

didn't know whether the horse was a colt or gelding or whether he was

supposed to be a sprinter, stayer or middle-distance horse.

It was almost an hour into the movie before Seabiscuit made his

first appearance. We have no idea

how old he was when purchased by Charles Howard and his life until

then was glossed over in a short montage.

Sorry Seabiscuit! For me you're not a winner. As far as I am concerned Phar Lap is still the best racing movie ever.



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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Nov 25, 2003
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