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LetterOfTheWeek; Supporting the family unit is right.

WE LEARN from Labour Schools Secretary Ed Balls that the Tory proposal to create tax incentives for married couples is "unfair social engineering".

Of course, Ed Balls wasn't guilty of "social engineering" when he encouraged the growth of the faithbased schools that have served to entrench the religious divisions in Britain's already Balkanised society, was he? And it wasn't "social engineering" when the Labour government introduced the 24-hour drinking laws that have led to record levels of alcohol abuse, with consequent huge costs to the NHS.

Neither was it "social engineering" when the Labour government failed to follow other major European countries and introduce transition arrangements on the expansion of the EU, resulting in an unprecedented levels of immigration to our already overcrowded island.

The fact is that for the past decade the Labour government has been engaged in its own form of social engineering. Mindless and chaotic, it has so undermined British society that we are no longer certain of what is "British society", or indeed even whether we are any longer capable of recognising ourselves as a single society.

The essential building block of any human society is the family unit. A society made up of stable and robust family units is more likely itself to be stable and robust. And for centuries marriage has been the glue that has held couples together.

Of course individuals have the right of choice in their adopted lifestyle. However, society (ie, the rest of us) also have rights. We see nothing wrong in using sticks to penalise individual behaviours that are anti-social. How can it be wrong for society to use "carrots" to encourage those behaviours that are proven positive in their support of society? Alan Stedall, Birmingham OUR thanks to Alan Stedall, who wins a beautiful sterling silver impression of the historic Penny Black Stamp in a presentation folder from Royal Mail Heritage worth pounds 26. The letter is now in with a chance of scooping the fantastic 'letter of the month' prize, a 2008 boxed Stamp Yearbook, worth pounds 58.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 22, 2010
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