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Letter to the editor.

Dear Holography News,

I would like to add some important information regarding Cybernetics Industrial Corp's optical printers, following the article in your May issue. As you reported in the article about Hazen Paper in last December's issue, we were the first customer for CIC's systems when we purchased a HoloPrinter. At that time we invested substantial time and money in helping CIC to make a working system, purchasing a second system which included a 20-year exclusive on the HoloPrinter technology in the Americas. This means that no other company in this region may use the HoloPrinter Technology to master holograms without our agreement.

I would like to stress that we do not intend to use these rights restrictively. Rather, we see this as a commercial opportunity to recoup some of our investment in CIC's early endeavours. So we are open to requests to license the system whether for purchase or for contract origination, while we will defend our rights vigorously.

Our concern is that the so-called 'Groovewriter' and '3Dstructure-Writer' as described in your May article are the HoloPrinter by another name and therefore infringe our rights. Further, if CIC is producing optical masters, our concern is that this may also trespass on our rights under the agreement that the company has with us.

Hazen Paper continues to broaden it's capabilities in the area of holographic origination and production.

Yours sincerely,

John Hazen, President,

Hazen Paper Co.

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Title Annotation:Company News
Author:Hazen, John
Publication:Holography News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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