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Letter to the editor.

Dear Editors:

In reference to Dr. Akiba's article in the most recent issue of Childhood Education ["Educating Your Child While You Drive: Assessing the Efficacy of Early Childhood Audiovisual Materials," Vol. 86, No. 2], he has made some very valuable suggestions for parents of infants and toddlers re: use of commercial materials to enhance children's intellectual development in that "one size does not fit all" and there are other factors involved. In short, these programs may hinder and harm future learning among young children. This message should be stated loud and clear to well-meaning parents and grandparents who want to assist in these youngsters' cognitive development. Parent education programs have been an integral part of Even Start, Pre-kindergarten, and Head Start programs, where money has been earmarked for college personnel and school faculty members to devote a percentage of their time to working with parents, As educators, we do have a responsibility to include parents in our programs, as it has been proven conclusively that the more parents are involved in their children's education (at the schools), the more successful children will be,

Yours truly, Andrea L. Pack, Retired Supervisor of Early Childhood Education, New York City Board of Education

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Author:Pack, Andrea L.
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 11, 2010
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