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Letter to teachers.

Dear Teacher,

We are pleased to bring you this beautiful and thought-provoking Poster as part of this year's "Heads Up: Real News About Drugs and Your Body" program. "Heads Up" is a Science-based drug education program, now in its second year, created by Scholastic in partnership with the scientists of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

We are especially excited about this year's poster because it incorporates the original artwork and slogan of a student who probably has much in common with the young people in your own classroom: Ania Lisa Etienne, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Brooklyn, New York. Ania submitted the winning poster design to our "Heads Up," national poster contest last year. The contest judges, including an editor and an art director from Scholastic, a science teacher, and a scientist, from NIDA, felt that of the thousands of poster concepts submitted, Ania's offered the most powerful combination of words and image to convey a sense of the dangers posed by drugs to a young person's life.

We hope you find the poster to be a useful jumping-off point for discussion and ongoing education about drugs of abuse. To help you, we've provided six reproducible pages on the hack of the poster. These pages, which provide background information and activities on how drugs affect the brain and body, may be used independently or as a supplement to the "Heads Up" articles appearing in your Scholastic classroom magazine. For more information and teaching support, including online versions of all past articles in the "'Heads Up" program, please visit our Web site.

Every young person today is faced with choices about drugs. We believe that educating students about how drugs can affect their brains, their bodies, and their lives will empower them to make informed decisions against using drugs. We hope you agree, and that you find these materials useful.

A note about our poster: Ania Lisa Etienne created her poster as an eighth-grade student in Valerie Louzanis's art class at Mark Twain Intermediate School 239 in Brooklyn, New York. "Each student prepared a slogan and then artwork," says Louzanis. "We took a very personal approach to the campaign." Ania won a $500 savings bond and a trip to New York City. To see the entries of the 25 runners up, go to
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Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Nov 24, 2003
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