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Letter to our readers.

With the traditional Semana Santa vacation behind us and Spring freshly under way, this issue of BUSINESS MEXICO marks the introduction of a new element begun in conjunction with our partners at AmericaEconomia--The Top 50 Mexican Companies Abroad.

This cover story package (pages 18-29) is comprised of eight compelling case studies of Mexican companies whose achievements in exports, foreign acquisitions and sector domination have made them players on the global stage. Our reporters offer a concise overview, as well as brief insights into what each company has done to gain the unique foothold it enjoys in its marketplace.

In a loosely related vein, we take a glance at Mexico's Asian trade relationships (page 46), including a closer look at Japan (page 47).

Elsewhere in this issue, the government's new hazardous waste policy goes under the microscope (page 36), and the progress of judicial reform in Mexico is assessed (page 42).

On the lighter side, we step back and consider the form and function of several well-known Mexico City landmarks before concluding that Mexico's architects are among the world's finest (page 32). In addition, Cancun and its expansion strategy is the topic of this month's tourism article (page 54).

Of special interest to us (and we hope to you as well)--particularly since Mexico City will host this year's Global Summit of Women--is the growing influence of women in the economy (page 30). This is something we intend to examine in more depth in the coming months up to and beyond the June summit.

In the meantime, we'll keep pushing forward in our quest to make BUSINESS MEXICO an essential item in the "must-read" box on your desktop.

Best regards.

Tom Buckley

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Author:Buckley, Tom
Publication:Business Mexico
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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