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Letter from the president.

"Leading from Good to Great" was the theme of the recent TAPPI Volunteer Leaders Forum. During this two-and-a-half day experience, leaders from TAPPI member groups met to share ideas, enhance their leadership skills, and to work together to find solutions to common issues such as team-building, marketing, and other mission-critical skills needed to guide the Association toward attaining our strategic initiatives.

The Forum opened with a live presentation from Jim Collins, co-author of Built to Last and author of Good to Great. Collins' "hedgehog" concept, which states that great organizations focus their efforts on the intersection of three areas: what they can be the best at, what they are passionate about, and what they can make money doing. Following Collins presentation, we discussed TAPPI's Hedgehog: "Members and sponsor working together to provide solutions for current and future members." In addition to attending a variety of learning sessions, the leaders worked in teams to apply what they'd learned, creating a multimedia presentation of their unique ideas and approaches to share with everyone on the last day. These new and innovative ideas will be invaluable as we continue to move TAPPI from good to great.

I'm pleased to tell you that one of the great ideas from last year's VLF is close to implementation. TAPPI will soon publish a standard for accepted practices in continuing education and training for the industry. Once this program is implemented it will enable the industry's manufacturers who need quality training and education to identify those training providers who meet the new TAPPI standard. As you can see, this new initiative meet every aspect of TAPPI's Hedgehog.

As always, I invite and encourage you to share your ideas with me directly by email at or through the new "Talk to TAPPI" feature on
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Title Annotation:TAPPI Association News
Author:Bennett, Kathleen M.
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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