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Letter from the executive director of the World History Association.

Dear Members,

Living in Hawaii, it is often difficult to physically discern the seasons passing, since it is perfect weather every day. If the temperature drops below 75F, we lament how cold it is and literally break out the sweaters. If it goes above 85F, we remark on how hot it is. We celebrate time and events in different ways here--Santa arrives by canoe, and the largest birthday parties are for one-year olds. We have VOG and jellyfish outbreaks, along with annual whale migrations and the Makahiki season. Yet, despite outward differences, we are connected to the greater world like never before. We are just as likely to be in contact with someone in China as in Minneapolis to plan for a conference or to work with membership questions. With WHA members in about 40 countries, international communication and coordination is a daily event, and we are delighted to be involved with people from around the globe in all aspects of service to the organization. As our world gets ever smaller, the need for world history and the understanding it brings grows ever larger.

Our work at the World History Association headquarters, which has been graciously housed at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus, is truly global in scale, as the reach of world history continues to expand in importance and impact. Commensurate with this growth the field of world history, the WHA will not only offer its popular annual conferences, like the upcoming one in Albuquerque, but it also will offer symposia in locations where you want to go, targeting specific areas of interest, like the recent January 2012 Symposium in Siem Reap on Southeast Asia and World History. Please plan on attending upcoming events like the 2012 Albuquerque Conference, the Fall 2012 Xian "Silk Road in World History" Symposium, the April 2013 Symposium in Freemantle, Australia, with the theme of "Empire: Faith and Conflict," the June 2013 Minneapolis Conference, and the July 2014 Costa Rica Conference. We welcome your suggestions on locations and hosts for future conferences and symposia.

Jackie Wah, our Membership and Conferences Specialist, and I are delighted to work on behalf of you, our members, in this terrific organization. The talent, dedication, and enthusiastic, collegial involvement by WHA members make this association the unrivaled success that it is. Thank you for your continued membership in the WHA. As always, please let us know your suggestions for the organization or how we may improve our services in any way.


Winston Welch

Executive Director


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Author:Welch, Winston
Publication:World History Bulletin
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Date:Mar 22, 2012
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