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Letter from the executive director of the World History Association.

Dear Members,

The World History Association exists because of you--your dedication, your professionalism, your passion and your volunteerism for the organization and world history. We come together to bring about the best of scholarship and pedagogy, learn from each other, advance the field, and have opportunities that do not exist elsewhere. For all of you who have dedicated your time, talent and treasure to this association, you are sincerely appreciated. Our small headquarters relies on just the two of us working part-time. We could never have this organization without the myriad people who serve on the Executive Council, work on standing and ad-hoc committees, contribute expertise to conferences and symposia, edit the print and electronic publications, distribute information on list servs, contribute to the website, moderate the social media, offer to be on the Speakers' Bureau, coordinate regional affiliates, volunteer to help at a conference, or serve the WHA in so many other ways. Besides these tremendous gifts of time and talents, each of you supports the WHA by maintaining your membership, attending our conferences, and contributing to our general fund, world scholar travel fund, and endowment.

The WHA is at a stage in its existence where a comprehensive plan of philanthropy and planned giving is the next phase of development. To this end, the WHA asks that you consider making more substantial financial gifts to the WHA--now, perhaps to fund certain activities, events or programs, and also as a future legacy gift in your own estate planning. From this issue onward, the Bulletin will contain a reminder that encourages you to continue your dedication to world history and this organization through a variety of methods. Thank you for your kind consideration of this important call to further service.

President Andrea has mentioned the upcoming Beijing Conference, for which we are in the final stages of planning. This will be by far the largest conference the WHA has had, and we hope you will be able to attend--a great deal of effort and care have been placed to make this an excellent experience for you. Critical to conference planning and membership services, I'd like especially to recognize Jackie Wah here at our headquarters, who continues to grace the WHA with her considerable abilities, wit and charm. Please introduce yourself at the conference and extend your thanks to her for all that she does for the WHA, and you will see in person why we are blessed to have Jackie here.

It is my pleasure to continue to work with Jackie, the WHA officers, the EC, volunteers, our members, partners, sponsors and all others for the success and health of the WHA. Please send us any ideas, questions or comments so that we may keep offering the best that we can for you.



Winston Welch

Executive Director

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Author:Welch, Winston
Publication:World History Bulletin
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 22, 2011
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