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Letter from the editors.

The Academy of Educational Leadership Journal is owned and published by the DreamCatchers Group, LLC. The Editorial Board and the Editors are appointed by the Allied Academies, Inc., a non profit association of scholars whose purpose is to encourage and support the advancement and exchange of knowledge, understanding and teaching throughout the world. The AELJ is a principal vehicle for achieving the objectives of the organization. The editorial mission of this journal is to publish empirical, theoretical and scholarly manuscripts which advance the discipline, and applied, educational and pedagogic papers of practical value to practitioners and educators. We look forward to a long and successful career in publishing articles which will be of value to many scholars around the world.

The articles contained in this volume have been double blind refereed. The acceptance rate for manuscripts in this issue, 25%, conforms to our editorial policies.

We intend to foster a supportive, mentoring effort on the part of the referees which will result in encouraging and supporting writers. We welcome different viewpoints because in differences we find learning; in differences we develop understanding; in differences we gain knowledge and in differences we develop the discipline into a more comprehensive, less esoteric, and dynamic metier.

Information about the organization, its journals, and conferences are published on our web site. In addition, we keep the web site updated with the latest activities of the organization. Please visit our site and know that we welcome hearing from you at any time.

Michael Shurden


Lander University

Charles Emery


Erskine College

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Author:Shurden, Michael; Emery, Charles
Publication:Academy of Educational Leadership Journal
Article Type:Editorial
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 1, 2009
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