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Letter from the President of the World History Association.

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the World History Association! I am happy to offer another update to you, our members and soon-to-be members. The WHA had a busy year!

Ghent 2016

We hosted a successful conference in Ghent, Belgium in early July. Our Administrative Coordinator Kerry Vieira, the Conferences and Program Committees, and colleagues from the University of Ghent worked hard to make this a memorable experience. The panels, the excursions, and--the food!--were all excellent. As you know, we like to hold our conferences abroad about every three years. Aside from the great benefits we all receive from these international experiences, I believe that it is quite healthy for us to cultivate international relationships in world history. Hopefully, we can continue to do this in other ways as we move forward. If you have ideas for future venues, please let me or Kerry know. It is especially helpful if there is a potential institutional partner that we can work within the international settings.

Boston 2017: Northeastern University

Planning is well underway for our conference next summer. Northeastern University has been wonderful as a partner, both for the upcoming conference and as the host of our office. You can find the Call for Papers on our website. Take care to watch the due dates, since this one is likely to fill up quickly. Kerry and her staff have done a magnificent job reserving a variety of accommodations for participants. Again, I would strongly advise making early arrangements if you are concerned about budgets or other considerations. We are moving more aggressively this year to attract important scholars and quality panelists (more on that below). The conference planners are also assembling a good variety of extra excursions and events. Our themes are "Atlantic History" and "Food in World History." There will be possibilities for historical tours focused on early U.S. and world history (after all, we are in Boston!), and some fun activities such as a pub crawl and possible museum tours. We are planning a special event in Northeastern University's "Xibition Kitchen." This is a fully equipped TV kitchen set with monitors. Selected chef-historians will provide cooking demonstrations as they discuss issues in food history. Check the website for details.


We have established a couple of new committees this year. Most recently we started the Digital and Social Media committee, under the leadership of Executive Council member Ruben Carillo. The group will investigate ways to extend our digital presence. Among other projects, we will establish a "members only" section of our website, to provide teaching and research resources. Other resources will continue to be shared on the public side of the site as well. Relatedly we have started the Research Committee, chaired by Laura Mitchell. We hope to improve research opportunities and identify scholarly resources in world history research. As far as the conferences are concerned, the Research Committee is actively attracting key scholars to Boston, and attempting to bring togethd research-related panels. Meanwhile, our Teaching Committee, now chaired by Amy Elizabeth Manlapas, will also be searching for teaching resources share on our website.


As you know, we have worked hard over the past few years to make the WHA fiscally sustainable. This has been truly a herculean effort. I want to publicly thank several people for their ledearship in this endeavor: former president Craig Benjamin, Treasurer Michele Louro, my other fellow officers Secretary Maryanne Rhett and Vice President /

President-Elect Merry Wiesner-Hanks. The Executive Council has been very supportive. And of course, Kerry Vieira has worked hard on the front lines. Once we have successfully launched the members-only side of our website, we will upload financial reports that should make our situation very clear. One nice outcome of our improved economic situation is that we are able to lower the conference fee for 2017 by $50 to the lowest rate in many years!

Thank you all for your support, financially and otherwise. I do hope that we can continue to raise funds for our Endowment, to bring it to the previous level. Many of you have given already, and we will continue to offer more opportunities to help us achieve that goal. For now, I feel like we have a hopeful and promising future. Please let us know if you would like to become more involved in the WHA, and we hope to see you in Boston!


Rick Warner

President, The World History Association
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Date:Sep 22, 2016
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