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Letter from the Executive Director of the World History Association.

Dear WHA Members,

I hope this find you happy and healthy, enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you for your continued membership and support of the WHA.

One form of support for the WHA is from the many individuals who volunteer for the WHA in a wide-variety of capacities, essential for any vibrant and healthy membership-based association. As we all move more and more into a virtual world, different opportunities for the organization will develop, and volunteer service is vital for the success of the WHA to carry out its mission and goals. Please see the special note of thanks in this issue to the three such volunteers who served as members of the Executive Council for the past few years. If you are able and willing to volunteer to serve in some capacity or see a need yet to be met, please contact any officer of the association.

Another main form of support you give the WHA is through your financial contributions. The WHA survives financially by two major funding methods--your membership renewal and our conferences. This is why we sincerely thank you for continued renewal of your membership and ask you to encourage your colleagues to join as well.

Attendance at our conferences and symposia brings not only scholarship, learning, activities, collegial sharing, and a great time, but is the WHA's other main funding source. One terrific way to publicize WHA events at your workplace and to your colleagues is via promotional conference flyers, which are available online for each conference to print, post, or share via email. If there is anything that you see that we can or might be doing to facilitate membership or conference development, please let us know.

We also ask that you give generously to our annual fund drive, which provides for a critical gap in our funding needs, and covers costs not met by memberships and conferences alone. Finally, including the WHA in your estate planning makes a lasting contribution and tribute to advancing the goals and mission of the association.

WHA is planning several terrific events this year; we hope you will consider attending at least one of them. First is our upcoming annual conference in Minneapolis, to be held at North Hennepin Community College, a campus with over 15,000 students and only a short drive from downtown Minneapolis. This conference will build upon all the successes of past conferences and will be meeting in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building ensuring a high quality experience. Warm hosts, dynamic keynote speakers, book exhibit partners, continuous coffee breaks, opening and closing receptions, and much more await you in Minneapolis.

Other upcoming symposia in Australia, Vietnam, Spain, and next year's annual conference in Costa Rica are all designed to be appealing in location and themes. While you may not be able to attend all of these events, it is our hope that by offering a wide-variety of venues and meetings throughout the year that you will be able to attend at least one of them, in a place or for a theme of particular interest.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we may improve the organization or your membership experience, and thank you again for your dedication to the WHA.

Winston Welch

Executive Director

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Author:Welch, Winston
Publication:World History Bulletin
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 22, 2013
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