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Letter: Your Shout - I HOPE the postal strike.

I HOPE the postal strike is the reason my YQA folder is distinctly lacking in contents this week .

Even you regular sports fans seem to have gone quiet.

Last week Neil Willis, of Cramlington, wrote: "I would like to know the connection of the two sea horses on the emblem for Newcastle United Football Club?"

So far only regular quiz king Jimmy Lackenby wants to throw his two ha'p'orth into the mix He says: 'The two sea horses used are modelled on the city coat of arms. They represent Tyneside's strong connection with the sea and the sea horse is part of the Newcastle city crest."

Sounds about right to me.

GRAHAM McDonald, of Byker, Newcastle, wanted to know why we use the phrase "working their ticket" when someone is misbehaving.

In response, Bill Ritchie, of Felling, writes: "I believe conscripts called up into the armed forces desperate for a discharge would feign insanity or depression to try to convince the authorities that they were unfit for duty.

'This meant they could earn a train ticket. Hence they had 'worked their ticket"." Hope this helps.

AND finally, JB, of Gateshead, asked: "Where does the Scouse phrase scally come from? Do we have a Geordie equivalent?"

Arthur Stewart, of Bedlington, writes: "It is simply short for scallywag but I couldn't tell you where that word comes from. Does anyone else know?" We're halfway there now.

THIS week L MacLean, of Prudhoe, asks: "These came up in our pub quiz this week but strangely no-one knew the answer. When and how did Newcastle become known as the Toon? And how did Gateshead get its name?"

In another geography question, George Errington, of Sunderland, writes: "I have recently moved to the area and have been surprised at the rivalry between the cities of Sunderland and Newcastle. Why is it like this? It must be more than just football?"

The posties are back in action next week so I hope my YQA folder is bulging...

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2007
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