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Letter: Your Say - Wrecked vehicle 'isn't art' In association with POST OFFICE.

Byline: Alan Mawson

ONCE more, we, the general public, are presumed to be quite ignorant of what art is and in need of further education.

This time it's a wrecked car put on display on Bournville Green, which I presume we are supposed to see as an earth shattering symbol of something or other or else a fascinating series of exiting shapes.

Back in the 1950s, I attended the Leicester College of Art where I saw first-hand young so-called artists encouraged by sycophantic teachers to take up modern art simply because they were incapable of drawing a straight line.

They jumped at it with enthusiasm and were soon turning out colourful, expressive rubbish and declaring it to be "primitive art", "free expression" and "showing their tortured inner feelings".

I also attended the Bournville Art College in the 70s and am quite capable of enjoying abstract art that has quality and meaning, but I also know that a man who cobbles together a number of rough planks to make a garden shed cannot claim to be a carpenter and someone who puts on display such things as an unmade bed or a wrecked car is not an artist.

This continual con trick is nothing new and nothing more than the story of the Emperor's New Clothes served up in a new guise.

Although we can pity the misguided people involved, who I am sure can supply us with many abstract cliches to prove their point, I have to ask, who is paying for this farce?

Alan Mawson, Bournville


WORK OF ART... the battered car on display on Bournville Green.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 7, 2008
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