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Letter: Your Say - Tough talk.

Byline: David Robins

I WRITE in response to Joyce Gascoigne's letter (Mail, July 29).While she feels my opinion and judgment are misguided as regards Labour policies past and present, I would assume she is staunchly Conservative or, like many who criticise hard work with some results, never vote but always moan and expect politicians to wave a magic wand if the right individual or party can be selected. Under the Asbo, a person can be issued with an on the spot fine that can lead to a criminal record, without the roadblock of having to be taken to court, which is delaying and expensive.

The criminal legislation has since being extended to the proceeds of crimes, where a criminal can have virtually all their assets confiscated, particularly in the case of drug dealers and other associated serious crime.

It's Labour that is tough on crime. The Conservatives just shuffle their feet and hope the problems will go away on their own.

David Robins, Sutton Coldfield
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 11, 2008
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