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Letter: Your Say - Site breaks agreement.

Byline: Cllr Paul Clein

THE Tuebrook Liberal Councillors claim (ECHO Letters, Sept 17) that the new West Derby school building on the Millbank site will cause "a net reduction on the current green fields" and criticise the Liberal Democrat administration over our policy on "green spaces and playing fields".

This is rather disingenuous.

When I was the executive member responsible, Cllr Jan Clein and I had a motion agreed committing the council to a quid pro quo replacement for the open space taken for the new school.

The replacement Quarry site is 3.4 hectares and the projected footprint of the new school is about 2.4 hectares of a 6.45 hectare site.

The rest of the new school site will consist largely of dual use facilities benefiting the rest of the community as well as students.

I offer no view on the merits of their proposal for Lister Steps, which should be given appropriate consideration. However, what they propose would breach the agreed council position of equivalent replacement of open space which they voted for less than 10 months ago.

Cllr Paul Clein, Liverpool city council
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2008
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