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Letter: Your Say - Parking scheme fails residents.

Byline: Mark Matthews

WITHIN the past 12 months the city council has introduced a residents' parking scheme in the Stoke area.

This was not in line with all residents' wishes. What was claimed to be in the residents' best interests is now being used to fine people who have a legitimate cause to park there.

Why is it such a problem for residents? Well the council says if you contact them they will send you a form, this is not always the case as I have personally waited months for the requested forms to be posted to me only for them never to show up.

While you wait for your forms to be processed, the council suggest that you park outside of the parking zone, ie more than a mile away from your home, which is completely impossible for families with small children.

When asked about this the council offers no solution, only the news that you will be fined should you park outside your own home. On top of this, residents are expected to pay for so-called phantom tickets, in other words, when you are sent a letter claiming that a ticket has been placed on your car and that you have to pay the fine for a ticket that you have never even seen.

It should be noted that this parking scheme has made no difference in the amount of cars parked on many of the roads involved in this scheme.

Mark Matthews,, via
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 2, 2008
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