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Letter: Your Say - How to belittle our city.

Byline: Keith Gabriel

CHRISTINE Hewitt recently expressed her frustration that the Birmingham half marathon prevented Perry Barr residents from making their normal Sunday morning journeys.

Christine's thought-provoking letter has inspired me to express my own frustration. About her. And other people who have the type of blinkered views, steeped in nimbyism, that hold back Birmingham from reaching the heights it deserves to reach.

The half marathon was a wonderful success, for competitors, charities, spectators and business - arguably the best thing to have happened to Birmingham in decades. Why on earth would anyone criticise such an event because it temporarily requires them to park their car two yards away from where they had the previous week?

If Christine's defence is that people were inconvenienced attending their places of worship, it's not good enough. I might be in a minority on this one but, for the sake of an event where thousands of pounds were raised for the less fortunate members of society, why didn't the local places of worship change the times of their services?

Or, God forbid (if you pardon the very obvious pun), why didn't those affected members of the public give the praying a miss for one week and actually support their neighbours for their admirable endeavours?

Such action, to be honest, probably wasn't necessary because I suspect Christine might have over-estimated the inconvenience caused by the halfmarathon route. However, her letter did worry me. Are we not collectively, as proud Birmingham residents, wholeheartedly behind the fantastic experience of that Sunday's race? Are we always going to nitpick, criticise and underplay any major achievement that Birmingham makes?

If we're going to continually display this undercurrent of negativeness, this city hasn't got a hope in hell in ever justifying its place as the country's Second City.

Keith Gabriel, Stirchley


Disruption caused by the Birmingham Half Marathon has upset some residents.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 6, 2008
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