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Letter: Your Say - Horse dung is not a problem.

Byline: Heather Holmes

I WRITE in response to the letter entitled 'Horse owners should clear up.' Unlike that of meat-digesting animals (carnivores), the dropping of herbivores such as horses has many positive qualities including its benefits to the natural environment, aid to biodiversity, and, as Mr Jones says himself, benefits to gardeners as a fertiliser of proven interest to the growers of roses in particular.

Also, for the readers' interest, a study carried out by the Health and Safety Executive in 2003 showed that droppings from healthy horses pose no risk to human health.

Unlike dog owners, horse riders cannot easily hop 'on and off' their steeds, in particularly if the rider is less agile, or is perhaps on a larger horse.

The British Horse Society recommends that when it is safe, riders should move their horse to the side of a route to encourage it to drop there.

If it is practical and safe to dismount and kick the droppings aside, a rider could choose to do so.

It is impractical to carry droppings on a horse; however, riders do sometimes return after a ride to pick these up.

In answer to Mr Jones' question, the local council is responsible for lifting droppings and keeping your roads and footpaths clean and clear.

Heather Holmes, Senior Executive, Access and Rights of Way Department, The British Horse Society.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 18, 2009
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