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Letter: Your Say - Dog's breakfast.


I AM delighted the executive member for community safety and leisure on Middlesbrough Council has put the record straight on the proposals for dog control orders in Albert Park as, at the time of writing my last letter, I could not find any information about this anywhere on the council website.

I am still unclear as to why we need this dog control order. Have there been instances of dogs causing trouble in Albert Park? Why make control orders which are notoriously difficult to enforce if there is not a problem?

The "losers" who fail to control their dogs will still fail to control their dogs, whether there is a control order or not.

Dogs are already banned from the children's play areas, the picnic area, the skating rink, the bowling greens and tennis courts, and restricted to "lead only" around the lake.

Most of the rest of the open spaces in the park are used by various groups of people playing football. I do not think they will be best pleased if these are the proposed dog exercise areas. What is left?

MRS L M SMITH, Longlands, Middlesbrough
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Dec 6, 2007
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