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Letter: Your Say - Cattle markets mean suffering.

Byline: Janet Cummings

THE chair of the steering group, Mr Richard Heckford, responsible for overseeing Rugby cattle market's move to possibly Stoneleigh, is reported as saying how wonderful the move will be.

I doubt whether the poor animals kept packed in pens from dawn to dusk feel the same excitement.

I am disgusted and have no good feelings about what the animals will face in the future at any cattle market. We, as members of Animal Aid have fought for years for improved animal welfare standards at markets, but as the animals are meat or dead flesh, profit usually wins.

If the general public visited cattle markets or slaughter houses, or accompanied the poor animals on their cruel, long and gruelling journeys when leaving cattle markets, I think a lot less people would eat meat.

I believe that cattle markets should be stopped because of the unnecessary suffering of animals, particularly when computers could be used for auctioneering.

Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 17, 2007
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