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Letter: Your Say - Alfresco nicotine stains young.


HOW wonderful it is to have a drink or eat a meal without the unpleasantness of smoke filling the air.

Smokers now find themselves congregating outside and, while I do have a degree of sympathy for them, one can only be glad of the health benefits to us non-smokers and hope that those still smoking reassess their habit due to this minor inconvenience.

There is, however, one potentially very dangerous, and to my mind unforeseen, consequence of this.

That is the impression given to children by adults smoking outside social establishments and businesses.

Young people are walking past adults constantly puffing away and perceive this to be OK to do.

I am lucky enough to work with young people, but I am concerned that there has been a definite upward trend in smoking, particularly among younger ones.

I do not have an immediate answer but think that some serious consideration has to be given to how we allow those who choose to smoke to do so without infringing their freedoms.

Nevertheless I have no compunction in suggesting the health and wellbeing of our young people far outweighs someone's incessant craving for what is after all a filthy, anti-social habit.

GAMINI WIJISINGHE, Thorntree, Middlesbrough
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 10, 2008
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