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Letter: You say - Our heroes.

Byline: Richard Knights

I'VE been amazed at the bile, venom and vitriol pouring from the pens of some ECHO correspondents towards the Merseyside firefighters.

When your granddad leaves a cigarette burning in his bed or your auntie leaves the chip pan on, these are the people that wade through the fumes to haul them out.

When your children are stuck in a blazing bedroom and Fred from next door has been beaten back by the flames, it's the firefighters that disregard their own personal safety and rescue them.

We expect them to do a job that most of us wouldn't or couldn't do. As a state-registered coward I'd be useless in the face of an inferno.

Like many other frontline public sector workers they do incredible jobs with dignity and modesty.

Firefighters are too unassuming to use the "h" word, so I'll use it for them - "heroes".

When these highly skilled people who work unsocial hours and receive only moderate pay say that the plans of the Fire Authority will jeopardise safety and are prepared to go on strike and lose pay, they deserve to be listened to with respect.

Richard Knights, L12
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2006
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