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Letter: You say - Green with envy.

Byline: Brian Sandiford

I HAVE been watching all the news and reading the papers about going green. A fantastic idea, until you talk to the city of Liverpool.

We are living in Croxteth, we live on a corner street. One side of the street has all the bins, green, blue and purple, but turn the corner and the homes have nothing at all. We called the city council and gave them our address and they told us we are too small a street to have all of the recycles done.

I was shocked, so I pressed on and asked if it was OK if I just put all the recyclables and the garden waste in the trash bins? "Oh no sir, please don't do that, let me contact the new company to see what their plans are." So we left our phone number and the lady called back saying we would be getting all of the recycle bins within 30 days. Great.

Now, the city of Liverpool sent people around and told us that we will not be getting these recycle bins because they would not be doing those pick-ups on this street. Would they be doing it on that street on the corner? Yes they would.

So are we going green or is it just part of us while the other part can't?

Brian Sandiford, Croxteth
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 20, 2007
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