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Letter: YOUR SHOUT - Their priorities are all wrong.


NEWS that the police have been given a huge slap in the face with regards to their pay rise will no doubt bring a wry smile to many an ex-miner.

They know all too well how it feels to be betrayed by a government, who on the one hand say they are much valued, while refusing point blank to pay anyone what they are really worth.

Despite an independent assessment of their rise, the Home Secretary, under the thumb of Gordon Brown, chooses to move the goal posts, cry hard-up, and say the country cannot afford to pay the extra funding for police as it may push up inflation, while, at the same time, having a bottomless pit of taxpayers' money in place for the 2012 Olympics.

What's more important? Safer streets or the prospect of a handful of bronze medals to add to our lacklustre trophy shelf that has seen precious little these past few decades? Mr Magoo can see more clearly than this bunch.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2007
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