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Letter: YOUR SHOUT - Letter created a false impression.


JOHN Boak's letter (Evening Chronicle, Dec 24) referring to the TV series Earth, while rightly emphasising the wonder of the Earth's interactive mechanisms, is quite mistaken about God.

First, God is Creator, not a universal puppet master. A true Creation must have its own autonomous processes and interactions, or it would not be a Creation at all, although God sustains all things in existence.

Thus, the awesome things highlighted in the TV programme ought to help lead us to God and not the reverse.

Secondly, the stories of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis are not, and never were, records or chronicles.

Rather, men of God in ancient times used mythological narratives to teach in symbolic mode what they perceived to be the truth about man's situation in relation to God, to the natural order and to his own innermost self. Moreover, the Greek of the Bible has two words for life' - bios and zoe.

The mechanisms of biological life may well have come from the sea, but man is primarily a spiritual being, and the zoe life has to come from obedient response to God.

Thirdly, it is not the central or ultimate purpose of true religion to prescribe good standards to live our lives by. Rather it aims to lead men and women to God.

Lastly, global warming does indeed show man's destructiveness, pride and greed.

The remedy for this necessitates man's return to God in humility and obedience.

John Boak wonders what role the omnipotent God has in all this. The answer is that God wills His Creation be put right, yet also that this end must be accomplished through man, saved and healed through Christ, and in submission to His Lordship.

JOHN G LOVEJOY, Westbourne Avenue, Walkergate.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 5, 2008
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