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Letter: YOUR SHOUT - Door men threw son to wolves.

Byline: ANON

EVERY week, and sometimes every night, there are pictures in the Evening Chronicle of people who have fallen victim to the violence which is happening on our streets. On Saturday night it could have been my son and his friend.

They were in a nightclub in Newcastle when they were attacked by a gang of 10 lads. They each received black eyes and various bumps and bruises.

The doormen reacted by ejecting my son and his friend, but to their horror they also ejected the gang straight after them.

If my son and his friend had not been much fitter and faster than the gang of thugs, they would have had their photos on the pages of your newspaper, or an article without pictures reporting that two men had been beaten and kicked to death, just another statistic. Nobody takes much notice any more because it is so commonplace.

The doormen knew the two had been attacked by the 10, yet they ejected them altogether. Would it not have been more sensible and humane to allow the two to wait inside for a taxi? Instead they threw them to the wolves.

Because the violence has become so commonplace, are we accepting it as normal and therefore becoming desensitised?

Does this mean the people who should be trying to stop the violent behaviour are just closing their eyes to it? It's a frightening thought.

ANON, Newcastle.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2007
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