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Letter: YOUR SHOUT - British politics down the pan.


WHAT a sad state British Politics currently appear to be in.

We have a new Prime Minister in Gordon Brown, pictured, who appears to have had a 'Damascus Road' transformation and amazingly tries to distance himself from any of the failures of the past 10 years of New Labour

Government, of which he was a main player. Tony Blair obviously becomes the convenient scapegoat for anything not good. We even discover that Brown is a Thatcherite. If Margaret Thatcher is know as the 'Milk Snatcher", Brown should certainly go down in history as the 'Pensions Basher".

When you compare the UK now with the leading European civilizations when it comes to issues that really matter and affect us all, such as acceptable living standards for all, healthcare standards, pensioner care and wellbeing, serious crime, you will discover we compare unfavourably.

What of a change in the political scene? Early election or not, the alternatives get even more depressing when you look closely at them. No wonder Brown and New Labour are doing so well in the polls.

GEOFFREY W PLATT, MBE, Gosforth, Newcastle
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2007
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