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Letter: Why can't a divorcee remarry in church?

Byline: A HADLEY

Sir, - Would someone explain to me please, why a divorcee, guilty or not guilty, cannot remarry in church and yet couples who have lived together, and even had children, can marry in church.

Surely the idea of marriage is the creation of children and those that have children outside marriage are sinning against God's law just as surely as a divorce.

If the church represents God, then surely it should be as compassionate as God and Jesus Christ, and as the church is run by humans, surely those who have become its leaders should know that only God can judge humans in this instance. The bible says: 'Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.' It also says: 'Judge not, lest you are judged'.

Possibly, because we live in sinful times, there is no longer any sin in the world because everything is acceptable to somebody and those that disapprove of sin are cast as amoral (not part of the acceptable moral trend).

If that is so I am amoral and no, I don't go to church because I don't like what they teach.

A HADLEY Oldbury.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 30, 2002
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