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Letter: What is the mark-up for euros?


Sir, - Public interest in the euro debate might be kindled if the equilibrium exchange rate of sterling to euro was known in advance of the decision either to enter or not.

At the moment, my chiropodist charges pounds 15 a session - a convenient amount to remember and to tender in cash.

The current rate of exchange offered to a friend on holiday recently is 1.36 euros per pounds 1.

The chiropodist would have to charge 20.40 euros for an exact equivalent. Should she charge this fiddling amount, reduce it to 20 euros, or increase to 20.50 euros, 21 euros or even 25 euros?

Inflationary mark-ups in retail prices seem inevitable unless there is a willingness to pocket huge amounts of 'euro-shrapnel' coinage.

Mind you, such a move might revitalise the Walsall leather industry into mass production of purses.

COLIN FORTUNE Great Barr, Birmingham.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 28, 2003
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