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Letter: Waiting for Blair's words on carnage.

Byline: DWathen. Salford Priors

Dear Editor, I am waiting with bated breath for the kind and knowledgeable words of wisdom from the "special" Middle East peace envoy, Tony Blair, on the latest carnage by the Israelis on the over-populated city of Gaza and the killing of a nd wounding of hundreds of civilians.

The Israelis continue to blame the mortar bombs, they call them rockets for effect, falling on stony ground by the militant Palestinians, who are seeking pathetic revenge for the Israeli bullying of their race over 60 years.

The range of the mortar bombs are very short compared to the air strikes perpetrated by the Israelis on the Palestinians and one wonders if the Jewish settlements, which the militants are targeting, should be where they are anyway. Isn't the surreptitious encroachment by the Jews on Palestinian land the problem?

And why does Israel keep up this "invasion" knowing the problems they are causing for themselves and the Palestinians?

They will not always have America and Tony Blair to support them and I cannot understand, with their history of misery, why they are unable to be more friendly and magnanimous to their neighbours. The bullying and the belligerence can only end in carnage on both sides.

Most people say that Tony Blair, as a disciple of Bush, would have no effect, something the British people are fully aware of after ten years and where it has led us.

D Wathen. Salford Priors, Evesham


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 30, 2008
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