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Letter: Voice of the North - Good, hard-working people treated like dirt.

Byline: JT HAYES

GUN and knife crimes daily result in death for the victims. Crack cocaine is shortly going to be rife and users will stop at nothing to get their fix, so there'll be much more of the above.

Serial sex offenders don't get deported in Great Britain as we don't want to infringe their human rights and we have 330,000 more immigrants than we thought.

Now, what about the people who work all their lives, pay taxes, save and help this country to be what it is today.

Well, if you need help or care, the future is not so rosy and if you dare fall terminally ill, the Department of Health can't afford huge sums like pounds 25,000 to prolong your life; they might need that for a company car.

I am not racist or in favour of any party, but if the good, honest, hard-working people keep getting treated like dirt I fear for the future of Great Br itain.

I would also like some questions answered: when will we learn that people who ill-treat animals will ill-treat children? If they can mistreat dumb animals, what will they do when a child cries all night?

When will proper sentences be introduced so the punishment fits the crime? The sentences that get handed out disgust most honest, law abiding people. Ten years in prison should mean 10 years, not four, five or six.

JT HAYES, Cleveland PS.

I hope everyone who has loved ones in terminally ill situations gets the treatment and respect they deserve. The cost should never come into it.
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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2007
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