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Letter: VOICE OF THE NORTH - Whatever happened to wave energy devices and other renewables?


MEP Fiona Hall tells us that the Tyneside region is a "leader in renewable energy" (Voice of the North, October 31). Is this fact or fantasy?

Perhaps the lady can give us some facts.

Where is the evidence, where are the pictures of these devices working and making electrical energy? I suggest there are none.

I suggest there are many entrepreneurs who have paper plans and paper qualifications hoping to cash in from the desperation of impractical politicians who can't separate the wheat from the chaff For instance, what happened to renewables such as the Bristol Cylinder, the Edinburgh Duck, NEL OWC, Sea Clam, Shoreline Gully OWC, Lilly Pad, Lancaster PS Frog and the ART Osprey?

I believe all these received taxpayers' money in some form. Where are they now? How much money has been lost?

Is it true that an entrepreneur is one who buys and sells things he or she never sees with money he or she hasn't got? Who do you know that fits this description?

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 5, 2008
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