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Letter: VOICE OF THE NORTH - Cameron warned over abandonment.

Byline: P E W MATHER

I HAVE just returned from three weeks away and am horrified to read about David Cameron's abandonment of the North East in terms of a high-speed rail link to London and I sympathise fully with those who have written to The Journal protesting.

The present Government is deeply unpopular.

The Liberal Democrats are never going to form a government and Nick Clegg can enjoy the luxury of saying whatever he wishes.

The position of the Conservatives in the North East was always going to be tricky, but at long last we are approaching a time when they would be in with a chance.

The nation is in the mood for a change as it was in 1935. It gave Ramsey Macdonald the heave-ho and elected Stanley Baldwin with a landslide majority.

I have written to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition at the House of Commons pointing out that David Cameron may have shot himself in the foot at a delicate time. My message to potential Conservative voters is to hang on in, there may be a change.

I have also called for a revision of the smoking laws which in some respects are absurd. There can be little doubt that they were compiled by non-smokers. To forbid smoking on an open station platform far removed from any substantially enclosed building is utterly crass and possibly illegal. The same applies to the grounds of hospitals.

Health and safety is rapidly becoming fascist in its application.

P E W MATHER, Amble, Morpeth
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 4, 2008
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