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Letter: VIEWPOINTS - Cunning plan to avoid fines.

Byline: F Roberts

IN response to David Jones, of Springwood, who feels he is being punished in his letter (Viewpoints, March 14).

Please could you let Mr Jones know that I have discovered a loophole in the cunning plan to get money from drivers.

My plan is straightforward and sure to prevent points or penalties. If Mr Jones and other drivers travel at speeds below the speed limit they will discover that the cameras will not be activated and they will not be punished. It might be a cunning plan but I am sure it will work.

There are some added advantages to this plan, such as children travelling to school being safer and pensioners being at less risk - but these will surely not compare with Mr Jones' convenience and need to avoid paying fines or being banned from driving.

I'm sure that if you spread the word, lots of other drivers could use this strategy with equal success.

F Roberts Ael y Bryn, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 25, 2009
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