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Letter: Tories' absurd housing policy.

Byline: S M HARRIS

Sir, - Philip Parkin (Post, Aug 3) describes the Conservative Party as the natural party of the young. I wonder how many of the young who can't afford to get on to the housing ladder agree with him.

The absurdity of the provision of accommodation which is having such a devastating effect on public services, particularly in the South-east, is almost exclusively the achievement of Margaret Thatcher and her 'brilliant' chancellors.

The way house prices escalated in the first years of her government and the almost total lack of provision for affordable rented accommodation is a case of reaping the whirlwind.

It was not always so. Harold McMillan achieved his boast of 300,000 houses a year without wrecking the economy.

As for the contention beloved of all Conservative leaders that tax-cutting and lowering tax is best, this piece of vote-scrounging rhetoric has resulted in a rotten rail service, dredgers rusting while rivers flood and local councils unable to pay a decent wage to the men who do the dirty, dreary and dingy work.

S M HARRIS Dudley.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 21, 2002
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