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Letter: Time to end the war now.

Byline: Martin Timson

MERSEYSIDE Stop The War Coalition welcomes the election of Barack Obama. We congratulate him and wish him well. His election is a rejection of racism and war. As anti-war activists who have campaigned long and hard these past seven years, we are happy to see the back of George W Bush.

We must now push as hard as possible for a complete end to the occupation of Iraq. Stop the War will be campaigning to demand that the British government works urgently with Obama to make this happen.

However, other dangers remain which make it imperative that the anti-war movement mobilises consistently against all the wars and threats of more war initiated by George Bush.

Barack Obama is in favour of strengthening the NATO presence in the failing occupation of Afghanistan. Thursday's announcement by Russian President Medvedev that he will position nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad, next to Poland, if the US continues with the deployment of the so-called Star Wars missile defence shield shows the dangers being stoked up by US foreign policy.

The Bush doctrine has been delivered a blow by Obama's victory, but the tendency of the US elite to seek global domination will not be easily reversed. Those who voted for Obama in the US must maintain the pressure against their warmongers and so must we in this country.

Stop the War is calling on all its supporters to mark the seventh anniversary of the so called liberation of Afghanistan on Thursday, November 20 with vigils.

We must make it clear to our government and the world that Afghanistan is no more a "good war" or "winnable" than the war in Iraq.

Martin Timson, Merseyside Stop the War Coalition
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 10, 2008
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