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Letter: This is what Kath could have said.


SIR - So how could Katherine Jenkins have handled a little better her recent (forced) admission of Class A drug taking?

Well, she could have talked about the benefits of living a drug-free life for a start - no longer waking up feeling "absolutely terrible" and with that dreadful feeling of impending doom.

She could have talked about the joy of being able to be herself; of not having to put on masks and pretend to be something she's not.

She could have talked about how the unmanageability in her life disappeared; how her God-given voice was preserved and how it improved, as did her self-esteem and self-belief.

She could have talked about no longer experiencing that burden of unbearable aloneness; about not feeling nauseous, thick-headed and guilt-ridden in the mornings - about being free, having choices in her life, and being able to live responsibly.

She could have talked about how a barrier between herself and the rest of the world was demolished as a result of her living a drug-free life; about the exquisiteness of feeling comfortable living in her own skin and about the tenfold blessings of being "true to nature".

Katherine, instead, chose to save her own skin and career because her "drugs shame was about to be exposed by a red-top newspaper"; it was all about damage limitation.

Katherine, however, could still become a wonderful role model for young people if she talked a little more about the attractiveness of living a drug-free life.

By helping others in that way she would inevitably help herself. Her successful career as a world-class singer would rightly be preserved. But she would also become something else - something much more valuable: she would have become a "giver" instead of a "taker".

WYNFORD ELLIS OWEN Chief Executive Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 6, 2008
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