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Letter: The ones doing the real damage.

Byline: E J KENNA

Sir, - John Duckers (Post, Apr 8) seems to think that the plumber's image needs a spot of polishing and continues in, I think, a jovial way to talk disparagingly and is a trifle patronising about tradesmen in general for their lack of organisation, time-keeping and incompetence.

It is not only tradesmen that show a high degree of incompetence these days.

The so-called professionals are just as likely to be disorganised and more than likely to rip you off.

Certain large accountancy firms seem to have shown an incredible degree of incompetence andblatant fraud in their dealings recently. Fund managers have shown a schoolboy naivety in their investment policy over the last few years, jumping headlong into hi-tech stocks that had no substance.

Every day we read of huge corporations having to write down their assets because directors in their insatiable chase for further growth have bought vastly overvalued acquisitions.

These professional people do not just leave you without water for a few hours but a gaping hole in your pension fund, a shortfall on your mortgage endowment or thousands of job losses which have much wider implications for all of us.

E J KENNA Kings Heath.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 16, 2002
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