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Letter: Telling the truth?


SIR - "Why are Christians doing this to us?" was the plaintiff cry from Anne Frank in TV's recent drama of her diary.

The answer may possibly be that re-depiction of events leading up to Christ's trial and crucifixion in the New Testament are highly inaccurate, the historical Pilate being far more ruthless historically than the compassionate one depicted in the New Testament.

The Jews choosing Barabbas instead of Jesus was total nonsense, since selection by the people was only allowed in Egypt.

So, why does the New Testament so deviously try to shift the blame from the Romans to the Jews?

Possibly because the Romans converted to Christianity and had to blame someone else for a crucifixion that was their total responsibility.

The New Testament is still being taught as authentic truth in Sunday and ordinary schools, with Jews still paying the price for a deed Roman Christians still won't admit to.

If Anne Frank had survived, her plaintive cry could well be, "Why are Christians still doing this to us?".

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 19, 2009
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