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Letter: Smothering our traditions and freedoms.


Dear Editor, MP David Davis is an extremely courageous and truthful man who wrote a letter to the press stating facts about excessive immigration.

Smouldering anger and whispering having taken place for many years among the indigenous population of the UK regarding the overwhelming presence of illegal and legal immigrants swamping our country.

Mr Davis put words to those feelings.

Immigration over the centuries has been good for this country, but we must remember that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland collectively can fit 72 times into the joint countries of India and Pakistan.

With the current freedom of access for European immigrants, our small nation is rapidly being smothered to death.

Due to our own Government's inefficiency and stupidity, places like Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester and Peterborough have lost many of their British traditions because local councillors are scared stiff of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The late Edward Heath, of course, had a lot to answer for when he sold us down the river and fraudulently took us into the Common Market. We are now owned, lock, stock and barrel by a totalitarian regime run by Germany and France.

Our small land harbours people of many faiths - Christian, Scientologist, Jewish, Muslim, Buddist, Hindu, Sikh and so on - who are all under the protection of a just and fair law devised by the people of this land, The Magna Carta.

The essence of this law has since been emulated by civilised countries throughout the world.

Why should our taxpayers support the wives and children of Polish workers in Britain through our benefits system?

Surely that should be the responsibility of their own Polish government.

So many times I have heard builders and their workmen complaining about the pettiness of some of the health and safety laws.

Many are absolutely necessary, but must a qualified electrician be brought to a site to change a lightbulb?

Most EU directives are over the top and idiotic... and worst of all is the political correctness farce, plus of course, yards of red tape.

Our culture, our traditions, our freedom (due to CCTV), our police, our Army, Navy, air force, our children's education, our country and our national pride are being disintegrated into nothingness.

Wake up Britain.



MP David Davis
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:Mar 25, 2008
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