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Letter: Smiles better.

Byline: Bob Hope K.S.(Kingof Smiles), R.I.P. E.Herbert, Skelmersdale

SOME years ago now. I took my mum to see Bernard Manning live on stage.I'donly ever seen him on the telly and I had no idea that he was so crude and swore like that live on stage.

Don't get me wrong,I'mno prude and if I was with a football club,I'dhave laughed with the rest of them. But I wasn't and mum was so appalled that I had to escort her bac

out in a hurry.

Bob Hope was the sort of comedian you could take your mum to see with perfect ease.

When I was a kid,I recall watching Jack Benny appear on somes how or other on the telly. All he did was walk on stage and stand in front of the microphone. The audience were convulsed in laughter and yet he never said a word. The guy stole the show and brought the house down without opening his mouth.

And then there was the irrepressible George Burns.

And our very own Eric More-cambe: ``I am playing all the right notes,but not necessaril yin the right order''.And,of course,``just like that'' Tommy Cooper.

During his last days his family are supposed to have asked Bob Hope where he would like to be buried and,in what was by all accounts his last gag,he replied ``surprise me''.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 5, 2003
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