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Letter: Skate park should relocate.

Byline: Mr Rees

I REFER to the Vale council's proposal to employ a warden at Cold Knap to deal with the litter, graffiti and vandalism at the Richard Taylor memorial skate park.

Richard Taylor was a decent young man and his premature death in a skateboarding accident is unutterably tragic.

It's difficult to imagine the grief and stress that his family has suffered and, no doubt, is still suffering.

Unfortunately, Richard died as the result of colliding with a lamppost while skating in a residential road. Luckily, no-one else was injured.

By endorsing this memorial, one wonders what message we are sending out to other youngsters who continue to risk life and limb while skateboarding on our roads?

It's a shame that the vast, silent groundswell of people who were opposed to this scheme (including myself) did not make our views known when it was first mooted.

On a wave of emotion and misguided generosity, the Vale council has gifted this prime spot to these young skateboarders and we have allowed it to happen.

The location is entirely inappropriate and the outcome predictable.

There are acres of empty space at the Barry waterfront development.

The skate park should be relocated there at the first opportunity.

Proper parking could then be provided for people who travel from further afield and the skaters would not be causing a nuisance in the centre of a prime residential area.

The promenade and the lake gardens should be available for the whole family to enjoy.

Mr Rees

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 26, 2009
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