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Letter: Sinking under a sea of traffic.

Byline: John Parson

Sir, - Mr Smallwood's argument, (Post, Mar 26) that it doesn't matter whether traffic reduces on the M6 after BNRR is built because traffic will use the M6 instead of other roads and presumably other roads instead of other even smaller roads, is like all trickle-down theories. It sounds very good but by the time it's all supposed to be happening it's diluted to nothing.

He is also misguided in the role of the BNRR in delivering local industrial development. Will anyone in their right mind pay an extra pounds 6 per day for the privilege of using the BNRR to get to and from work? Of course not but they will drive, thus clogging up local roads. The purpose of the BNRR in industrial development terms is to detrunk the A5, A38 and A446, creating ribbon developments - thus creating more traffic, congestion and pollution.

He also assumes some roads won't be worse because of BNRR. BNRR shuffles traffic jams around like deckchairs on the Titanic, a much better analogy. Until we address the problem of continually rising traffic, the ship will continue to sink.


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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 4, 2001
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